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Connoisseurship: Modern Japanese Textiles
Japanese Society (Aug 2, 2018, 6:30PM)
Master the art of discernment in this seminar led by textile arts legend Andrea Aranow. Aranow will focus on transformations in modern Japanese textile design & fabrications in the first half of the 20th century, and the impact of Western art and fashion aesthetics on this tradition. Participants will be invited to view and handle examples of kimono cloth that uses cotton, silk, and bast fibers to suit seasonal modes. Learn more about kimono in your collection by bringing one garment to the seminar for consideration!

Tickets: $40/$35 members, seniors & students

20th-Century Kimono and Textile Design
Blog / Media / Interview
Japanese Art Society of America Lecture (Jan 11, 2018)

#MCNYlive: ’60s Fashion with Anna Sui and Andrea Aranow
Blog / Media / Interview
Museum of the City of New York (March 14, 2018)

Women’s Work: Celebrating (More) Amazing Female Artists of the Village
Blog / Media / Interview
Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (March 13, 2018)

TEXTILE HIVE: Design Database
Blog / Media / Interview
NUVO Magazine  (Autumn, 2017)

ILLUSCIOUS FROM TEXTILE HIVE: Textile style at the Ace Hotel
Blog / Media / Interview
NUVO Magazine  (February, 2017)

Springfield native to offer ethnic, vintage textiles at Sturbridge show
Blog / Media / Interview  (August 31, 2016)

Andrea Aranow: Textile Hive ACE Hotel Portland
Blog / Media / Interview
Ace Hotel Portland Blog  (April-May 2016)

Home Snapshot of Times Past: Andrea Aranow’s American Quilts
Nepenthes New York Gallery Exhibit (April-May 2014)

Andrea Aranow: Textile Archive
Printed Pages (Spring 2014)

Andrea Aranow: Archived Experiences
Article by Leanne Cloudsdale
Inventory Magazine #10 (Spring-Summer 2014)
Link (magazine):
Click on the image to display article or follow this link: Vizualize Inventory’s magazine article (pdf file)

Andrea Aranow: Why New York?
First Broadcast / New York Series / Audio interview
September 2013

Andrea Aranow
Andrea featured on the Ace Hotel’s blog
Ace Hotel Blog (2013)

Andrea Aranow: A New Wrinkle in The World’s Fabric
New Focus On (2012)

Andrea Aranow Textile Archive
A film by Ryan Bush & Aaron Rayburn (Vimeo, 2011)

Living on the Past: How Surface Design Source Andrea Aranow became a Vintage Culture Vulture
Press article by Heidi Petelinz Benson
Daily News Record (08/28/2006)

Outside Fashion – Betty Davis
Press article by Blair Sabol
The Village Voice (10/16/1969), p.20
Link: The Village Voice (googlenews archives)

Villa Voice article: Click me to read